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red espresso® is a delicious full-flavoured espresso made from pure Rooibos tea. Naturally caffeine-free, with powerful immune-boosting antioxidants, it is the healthiest alternative to coffee that can be enjoyed on its own with honey or as a cappuccino or latte when added to milk. It also makes a deliciously healthy homemade iced tea.

red espresso® is a great choice for coffee drinkers looking to cut down on caffeine, tea lovers wanting to enjoy tea in a sophisticated new style, health-conscious people seeking a choice of healthy café style drinks, and moms who are pregnant or nursing or looking for healthy, delicious drinks for their whole family to enjoy.

To find out more, visit www.redespresso.com.

Product information:

  • 100% natural, pure Rooibos tea
  • Winner of 5 global awards for giving people a choice of healthy café culture
  • Naturally caffeine-free
  • Sugar free
  • Contains 5x more antioxidants than green tea and 10x more antioxidants than traditionally brewed Rooibos tea
  • red espresso® Nespresso compatible capsules are 100% compatible with all Nespresso machines
  • red espresso® premium espresso ground Rooibos tea is pre-ground and easy to make in an espresso machine, stovetop espresso maker, French Press or filter coffee machine
  • Makes a range of deliciously healthy hot and cold Rooibos drinks, including lattes, cappuccinos, iced teas, smoothies, milk shakes and more
  • Product of South Africa
  • Non GMO