Introductory Barista Course

This course is ideal for the coffee shop owner/manager, coffee enthusiast,  and specific staff who would be opearating on the coffee machine to hone their barista skills. This class is offered by registration, and is designed to be a Basic 1-day class.



History of la Spaziale, La Speziale Coffee Machines, Insight into coffee bevrages and Milk evaporation



How to achieve the perfect espresso product's consistency and levels of control cleaning & and maintenance fo the equipment



Correct Blend & Milk evaporation dietary and physiological components of the emulsified milk at the correct temperature.



Extraction of coffee, maintenance, grinder setting & troubleshooting an understanding of espresso equipment, setting and maintenance creating the perfect espresso, Cappuccino in store and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Practical part Espresso

Development of a mixture of coffee diagnosis

Pratical part Cappucinno

Correct milk emulsion the cappucino masterpiece, pratical application leaf and heart


Full day course: Begins at 10:00 AM and ends at 04:30 PM


No. 3 Andries Street (Next to police station), Bramley, Johannesburg


R 1,500 excluding VAT per person, includes lunch and beverages, branded pen and notepad will be issued together with the course presentation folder.

A Certificate of Attendance will be given after course completion.

Please visit the “Calendar of Classes” page to find out the latest class schedules available for the Barista Course.