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Accademia Del Caffe

The Accademia Del Caffe is a Barista Training Course created and tutored by Andrea Fontanella. Andrea is a qualified Barista, and the Technical and Sales Director of the family owned business, Ital Espresso Worx. Andrea has travelled to Italy not only to visit his family but also to gain knowledge, experience and receive first class training by the experts of coffee roasting and coffee machine technology themselves.

Andrea has been running all vital aspects of Ital Espresso Worx since the age of 21. Through ingenuity, perseverance and hard work, he has created various other seedling divisions within the company, and the the Accademia Del Caffe is one of them. The doors of the Accademia were opened in 2014, offering one Barista course only. Now, there are three unique and informative classes to choose from.

Andrea’s inspiration for this academy stems from the high volumes of technical call-outs that are constantly logged for faults that can easily be troubleshot by the Barista if he/she is trained correctly. This empowers the Barista in all aspects of understanding the coffee equipment and machine, ultimately providing the student with confidence in the work space.

Andrea focuses on these very issues in the class by indicating various possible malfunctions that a Barista could actually experience in a coffee shop or restaurant. He then demonstrates practical troubleshooting solutions thereby facilitating the reduction and possible prevention of unnecessary technical call outs which in turn saves the client money.

The coffee training academy at Ital Espresso Worx (The Accademia Del Caffe) is simple, logical and beneficial to employees and owners alike. It is important to understand that when operating any professional coffee machine, it is crucial that the person using the machine has been trained and that he/she feels confident and understands each detail of how these machines work.

The Accademia offers a variety of professional and interactive full or half day courses both in theory and on the practical side. The course teaches and provides the ‘student’ with both knowledge and experience in just a few hours.

Each person who attends the course will receive a booklet detailing all of the information given to you by Andrea as well as the stationery needed to make notes during the lesson. A delicious authentic Italian lunch with beverages will be served and the attendee will also receive a notepad and pen with an attendance certificate after course completion.

The Accademia Del Caffe is currently awaiting registration from the City & Guilds which will enable us to provide specific accreditation of the certificates for the course attendees.

Theory – Coffee Theory, History of La Spaziale, La Spaziale Coffee Machines:

An insight into and understanding of the origins of coffee and coffee culture How to achieve the perfect espresso, product’s consistency and levels of control, cleaning & and maintenance of the equipment.
Correct blend & milk evaporation dietary and physiological components of the emulsified milk at the correct temperature.
Understanding the coffee grinder, the different models and how they work.
Practical – Extraction of Coffee Beverages, Maintenance & Grinder Setting:

An understanding of espresso equipment, setting and maintenance Creating the perfect espresso, cappuccino in store and enhancing customer satisfaction.


View available date online. There is a class every month. Register online and your seat is booked.
Full Day Course - Begins at 10:00 am and ends at 04:30 pm.

No. 3 Andries Street (next to Police Station), Bramley, Johannesburg.

An attendance certificate will be given after course completion.

R 1,500 excluding VAT per person. Lunch and beverages will be provided. A branded pen and notepad will be issued together with the course presentation folder.

Terms & Conditions:
Kindly note that we require a minimum of six (6) people per class, payment for the course is required in advance and we reserve the right to postpone the course or refund your money.

Kind Regards,
Class Co-ordinator
Andrea Fontanella