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About Us

Ital Espresso Worx is a family owned and family run company offering tailor-made turnkey coffee solutions to the Ho.Re.Ca, Office and Home sectors. We are also the sole importers of Caffe Izzo coffee in South Africa.  We have over 30 years combined experience and offer our clients the best in service excellence, maintenance and professional advice. Ital Espresso Worx is a forefront dynamic company that has a shared intellectual capital with our suppliers and together with industry “Know-how” we are able to adapt to industry trends and market changes.

       Our Strengths:

  • - Professionalism and Innovation
  • - High quality products
  • - Know -how of industry and equipment
  • - IZZO blend & lever machine combination

Here is a list of the following brands which we are either exclusive representative in South Africa or distributors:

  • - La Scala Espresso Coffee Machines
  • - La Spaziale Espresso Coffee Machines
  • - My Way Coffee Machines
  • - Quamar Coffee Grinders
  • - Caffe Izzo
  • - Manuel Caffe
  • - Espresso Gear (Speciality Coffee Tools)
  • - Concept-art Joe Frex (Barista Tools)


Ital Espresso Worx is committed to providing these MADE IN ITALY brands as well as the branded peripherals to the major Ho.Re.Ca., Corporate & Private Sectors. We have a customer & distributor base who have trusted our brands and quality service for many years running and we have no doubt for many more in the future.


La Spaziale

la Speziale

La Spaziale was founded in 1969 by people with an experience in the branch of espresso coffee machines going back to 1947, thus creating a product based on quality and innovation. Today the company still believes in the original concepts by keeping the same philosophy and by committing every day to grant a high quality level in the cup through always advanced technical solutions. Today La Spaziale range is promoted and sold all over the world taking into account the requirements of each market and always with the main aim of providing first of all the highest quality. The results obtained during these years have been proof of such quality, which has allowed La Spaziale to enter very important markets and to develop a new concept. The first factory opened in Bologna in 1969 was later followed by a new industrial plant with an area of about 4000 square meters, of which 2000 have been devoted to production department.The first factory opened in Bologna in 1969 has been expanded and turned later into a new industrial plant of more than 6000 square meters.




August 2000: Quamar S.n.c. was established in Altivole, north-eastern Italy, by Mirco Martignago and Luca Quagliotto - at that time in their early thirties. The company immediately earned partnership and supply contracts from top catering and mechanical engineering companies. 2005: after taking over part of a legacy manufacturer of professional catering appliances for bars and small catering businesses, it dropped contract work and carved its way as a standalone brand. What makes the Quamar brand unmistakable is the high-quality design of its products. Compact shapes, top functionality, rounded, clean lines, and a wide range of colours are Quamar's distinctive marks today as they were yesterday. 2010: in order to respond to an increasingly higher customer demand, Quamar moved to larger premises to be able to deliver a wider range of products and ensure permanent stock availability. This allowed it to improve individual products and increase its offer adding new lines of appliances to match specific requirements, particularly for cafeterias, ice-cream shops, and kiosks.


Espresso Gear


Espresso Gear is a Swedish design, invention and production company with focus on the modern specialty coffee market. We have since the start in 2000 made many original designs which have pushed the level of quality for professional coffee tools and accessories.
Our goal is to constantly be one step ahead with new fun and clever gear which really adds significant value to your daily work as a barista.
Espresso Gear was started by Lars Wallin, back in 2000. It started as a hobby and after hunting customers begged him to sell his first tamper, a real company started it's journey.
Espresso Gear AB is situated in Gothenburg, southwest of Sweden. From there we, invent and design new products that are produced in the United Kingdom and China. Our customers today consists of wholesalers and retailers around the world. Eventually, we will open the shop for end-consumers as well.
Please feel free to browse our shop and if you find something you like you can always head over to our "find product" section to find your closest dealer.


Caffe Izzo & My Way Espresso Machines

la Scala

Izzo Caffè was founded near the Vesuvius in 1979 by Mr. Vincenzo Izzo as an artisan-based coffee roastery, which have been striving with passion to produce real Neapolitan espresso for over 25 years. In the course of time, the strong spirit of enterprise supported by a highly qualified staff, both in the technical and commercial field, have favoured the rapid development of the Company and the establishment of its presence on both the national and international market. Today the Company are offering a series of activities related to each other, which pursue the Company's aim to provide the market not only with a wide range of products but also with services tending to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. Among the services the customers can benefit from, the Company have recently devised a formula for the franchised Izzo Coffee Shops, in cooperation with their business partners; cafeterias to which a series of promotional and commercial initiatives based on exclusive Izzo Products are bound. Aware of the progresses achieved so far, and steadily committed to continuous and constant improvement, we pride ourselves today on playing an important role in the complex scenario of coffee business, especially thanks to the dynamism of our ideas.




Like so many ideas has small, almost playfully started even concept-art. First, also in a completely different area. Technical curiosity, invention joy and great artisan talent led the later company founder Jörg F. Rexroth to replicate or transform in his hobby room furnishings and decoration. He developed constantly new and original design ideas and creations that were well received with family and friends and it 1990 this has led it to set up a proper workshop. He experimented with unusual materials, forms and structures and created original objects, furniture and everyday objects - individual pieces of startling individuality that bribed by their technical perfection and functional imagination. Parallel to that, he also completed a degree in industrial engineering, but remained with heart and soul of the practitioner, the tinkerers and inventors. A rather random event brought then in 1996 a turning point: a friend asked Jörg Rexroth, to build him a tee box for his espresso machine. The job was completed successfully and with the usual style perfection, and this performance spread quickly, to the art, and Jörg soon realized that probably a hitherto almost unexplored market for high quality, stylish coffee and espresso accessories and accessories from designer level existed to which it began to specialize henceforth.
he developed an attractive range of products, which also included other high-quality products as Sudschubladen, espresso tamper, Tamping stations and sorts barista utensils except his now classic tee containers, and which even most of it were designed and conceived. With sense and prudence he built his program slowly but steadily in the emerging market.
Due to the growing success he founded in 2006 concept-art, with a dynamic team of qualified employees, and his company has since in the world of espresso fans, baristas and dealer become a fixed term which stands for highest quality, reliability and design originality. His top priorities are customer satisfaction, efficient service and constant innovation. Customers from all over the world appreciate his personal commitment to new ideas and concepts, his idealism and passion that has probably only increased since its beginnings in the hobby room. Recently, an updated corporate identity was created under the new brand name [JoeFrex] which previous traditions, quality principles and innovation efforts will continue dynamic and determined in the future